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Leverage the buying power of nearly 3,000 orthodontists for access to exclusive discounts. Join Mari’s List and receive insider access to a vetted list of companies that offer their best pricing upfront.

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160+ companies

Supplying anything & everything your office needs

  1. We relentlessly screen companies for product quality and customer service.
  2. Then, we leverage our collective buying power to negotiate the best deals.
  3. You receive large group pricing to save on quality products, services, and equipment without confining you to one company or losing equity in your practice.
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How to Use Mari’s List


Access our private Facebook group to ask your peers about their experience with vendors and products.


All orders continue being placed directly through each company. If you already work with one of our companies, simply notify your rep that you've joined Mari's List and your pricing will change.


Use our online portal to search our large company list for products and services.

Join nearly 3,000 other savvy orthodontists

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Drs. Larry & Will Andrews

"Proud to endorse Mari’s List"

Count us as major admirers and supporters of Mari Sawtelle. Going back to her start in orthodontics as a stellar, award-winning sales representative for “A” Company in Texas and as an early outspoken advocate of the Straight-Wire Appliance, we were fans from the get-go. Now, as founder of the hugely successful Mari’s List, her dedication, professionalism, and drive for excellence continue to shine through.

Mari’s List brings top quality products and services at group-negotiated prices to its fortunate members. Mari has been a standout in all her professional endeavors and Mari’s List is just the latest example. We are proud to endorse Mari’s List.

– Drs. Larry & Will Andrews
Chris Bentson, Bentson Copple & Associates

"Worth every dime"

Our company specializes in dissecting P&Ls to determine practice overhead as part of the valuation process. Mari’s List gives you first-year returns many times over and keeps paying dividends.

As I have gotten to know Mari over the years, I know she is relentless in her pursuit of the best discounts on quality products for her members. Her level of passion for the specialty and her clients is rarely seen.

We have asked her to write for our company newsletter several times in hopes that orthodontists would join Mari’s List, because we know a Mari's List membership helps reduce overhead, systemizes purchasing, and raises practice values. Make the call – it is worth every dime.

– Chris Bentson, Co-Founder, Bentson Copple & Associates
Paul Gange Sr.

"Glad to be a part of Mari's List"

I have been fortunate to know Mari Sawtelle for over 40 years and during that time I have admired the way she handled customers. Her reputation as a sales rep was impeccable, always having the best interest of the customer foremost. When Mari approached me with her idea for Mari’s List and asked me to add Reliance to her portfolio, I agreed, because I believed she had a sound, money-saving concept, would service her customers and work with them on an individual basis. Congratulations Mari and Emily on your success with Mari's List. Paul Jr. and I are glad Reliance is a part of Mari's List – you treat your customers as well as we have for 41 years.

– Paul Gange Sr., Founder, Reliance Orthodontics

Membership pays

No gray market products. No kickbacks. No agenda other than supporting doctors.

Simply quality products, dedicated customer service, pre-negotiated pricing, and knowledgeable support.


Save time and enjoy peace of mind, knowing you're receiving the best pricing possible.

Streamline ordering

Run your purchasing department more efficiently. Refine your supply list and ordering patterns, and outsource vetting and negotiating to the experts.

Raise your practice value

Increase margins and drive more to your bottom line.

How we're different

Mari's List is family-owned and 100% privately held by Mari and Emily Sawtelle

Mari's List has served orthodontists in private practice since 2012. Initially focusing on reducing operational supply costs for a 12 doctor practice, we've grown into North America's largest orthodontist-exclusive buying group.

Other buying groups keep a percentage of your purchases as profit, inevitably driving up your prices and undermining recommendations. Mari's List generates revenue solely from your yearly flat membership fee.

Our structure means lower pricing for you, ethical recommendations from us, and confidence you have an ally in a profitable practice.

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Mari’s List represents only doctors and their interests. You order directly from the listed companies and are coded as a Mari's List member to receive exclusive pricing. We are not a middleman, do not mark up prices, and do not accept any compensation from companies. We use our collective buying power to negotiate the deepest possible discounts and pass that savings directly to our members.

Mari's team thoroughly researches all of the companies on our list. They must offer consistently high-quality products and customer service. If we have concerns or questions, our team of beta doctors test out the product or service and provide feedback. We add companies based on what the group asks for, and what makes sense for our members.

Yes! We have members who practice in Canada and we adjust our membership dues based on the exchange rate. About 70% of our companies currently sell and ship to Canada.

Yes, you easily will if you use the companies on the list. Most practices will recoup the membership fee on the savings from just a few products or companies alone. After that, it is all savings right to your bottom line. If you have concerns, we recommend talking to our members about their experiences.

Being a member of Mari's List is like being a member of a gym – the more you use it the better the results you will get. The average reported savings for a typical single doctor practice in the first year is $10,000 to $30,000. We recently had a 5-office group save more than $100,000 in their first year.