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Why Mari’s List?

Mari’s List®️ represents only orthodontists and their interests. You order directly from our companies — unlike other platforms and groups, we are not a middleman and don’t accept a cut of your purchases for profit. This key differentiator gives us a unique advantage in negotiations.

With our buying power, we negotiate deals not available to individual practices or even OSOs/DSOs. And with nearly 3,000 members, we have powerful leverage to represent our group.

Our average savings per office on disposables alone is more than $5,000 — your gloves, masks, wipes, other one-time-use products, etc.

Many members have reported total savings of more than $50,000 annually and a 4-5% supply cost, with some running as low as 2%.

Mari's List helps you know where to shop for the greatest value, savings, and service, ranging from equipment to disposables, instruments, peripherals, office supplies, even home appliances, and so much more.

We actively negotiate with companies our members request if they meet our standards and fulfill a need. Our experienced team is discerning and holds our partners to the highest standards.

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Not a group purchasing organization

Mari's List is not a GPO and we don’t keep a portion of sales. This ultimately means lower pricing for you, and ethical product recommendations from us.

Our revenue comes from membership dues alone. Other groups can take 2-5% of sales, with some charging 15-20% or more!

All platforms have hidden costs, which can add up to many thousands per year.

Because we don’t take a percentage of sales as part of our business model, we advocate for you — our member — and give you our unbiased recommendations.

Products, study group & major promo deals

With Mari's List, you get an advocate for your practice with a career’s worth of experience in orthodontics. We’ll guide you toward the best value for products you use every day, plus give you access to an incredible Facebook forum and major promotional deals we negotiate throughout the year.

Supply ordering is typically a secondary duty given to a capable but already busy staff member. They naturally tend to stay on autopilot, defaulting to what is easiest and fastest — not necessarily finding the best value.

They typically don’t have the breadth of experience to know where to shop and simply do not have the buying power of a group like Mari's List to leverage the best pricing.

In our experience, we’ve found that doctors often don’t know what percentage of revenue their supplies represent. If they do, they’re not sure whether that percentage is good or not.

When you add in additional costs for self-ligating brackets, aesthetic options, and other specialized modalities, supply costs can rise rapidly. This makes it especially important to find the best products and value across the board, especially the less expensive disposable items that are often overlooked but add up quickly.

Becoming a member of Mari's List means the savings last as long as your membership. For the first year, you pay a one-time setup fee, plus your annual membership dues. Once your first year is complete, you renew for the annual fee in order to continue receiving all the benefits our group offers.

If you’re not convinced, see our Testimonials and ask your friends! Mari's List is referral-driven and members renew year after year.

Partner companies

As our group continues to grow, so does our buying power. Mari's team works continuously to build the list in search of the best values from the best companies.

We provide many savings options with the companies on our list, but some companies may not offer every product or service.

Our members tell us the broad mix of companies we have negotiated with delivers significant savings throughout their practices.

However, the savings you gain are up to you, your practice, and your willingness to use companies on the list, as well as your willingness to shop in different areas. Some product restrictions may apply.

Are you a company looking to partner with Mari's List? We’re currently expanding only in areas where we do not have product or service overlap. Please send your inquiry to [email protected].