Building a list of the best

As our group continues to grow, so does our buying power. Mari's team works continuously to build the list in search of the best values from the best companies.

Are you a company looking to partner with Mari's List? We are currently expanding only in areas where we do not have product or service overlap.

orthodontic Supplies

The partner process

If our group has a need, your company or product is presented to our group to gauge interest and solicit feedback regarding member experiences.

We then vet your company for product quality and customer service to ensure we can endorse your offering(s) and that the demands of 3,000 doctors can be met. Then, we set up a discussion to lay out the parameters behind our partnership agreement and negotiate pricing.

Being a Mari's List company means you grant our members your deepest possible discounts (on the products/services we negotiate), which may not be surpassed by anyone else in the orthodontic industry.

You agree to honor this contract and extend our exclusive discounts only to active Mari's List members.

There’s no charge to be a partner and we do not accept commissions. You guarantee us your best pricing and service, and in exchange, you will have instant exposure to an ever-growing group of orthodontists.

We regularly audit invoices for goods and savings on Mari's List accounts—you agree to share this information for the sake of transparency.